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Quick Overview

Dim. mm.4130x900x2260 h.
ESPONE/EXPOSE TOT.23 PANNELLI dim. mm.1200x2000 h.
Dim. mm.4130x900x2660 h.
ESPONE/EXPOSE TOT.23 PANNELLI dim. mm.1200x2400 h.

Product Description

FREESTYLE 120/23 CON 20+3 PANNELLI DIM. MM.1200X2000 H.

FREESTYLE 120/23 WITH 20+3 PANELS DIM. MM.1200X2000 H.

FREESTYLE 120/23+CON 20+3 PANNELLI DIM. MM.1200X2400 H.

FREESTYLE 120/23+ WITH 20+3 PANELS DIM. MM.1200X2400 H.

struttura in metallo verniciato - pannelli verticali scorrevoli di facile sostituzione

enamelled metal structure - sliding vertical panels - tiled panel easily replaceable

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