Tek Arredamenti

About Us

Tek arredamenti was founded in 1977, by a group of people already involved in the ceramic field with experience in marketing. It is based in Sassuolo, in the heart of the ceramic district.
This location has allowed it to become world renowned, a leading company in the production of displays for tiles, wood, marble and in the design of showrooms, bathroom furniture and linked components.

“Customer satisfaction has always been the fuel that powered our company” .

Today, 36 years after the founding of the company, we still have the same dedication to research and innovation, still the same desire to find new solutions for a market in constant renewal, and still offer highly qualified technical, project and manufacturing coordination.

We simultaneously offer a commercial service providing constant connection with companies; a technical studio of analysis, design and layout, who works on the aesthetic-functional definition of the space unifying architecture and furniture elements; and a productive organization of processing techniques of materials, assembling and after-sales assistance.

Moreover, recently Tek arredamenti expanded its organization and helped form an associated network of companies called Nekto to guarantee the quality of its products and services in a modern and innovative business model.

In conclusion, Tek arredamenti is a company always aware and focused on the present. Its past and its success reveal what it is now…and…we must confess that we are much better at creating displays systems and showrooms that at writing.




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