Customer: F.lli VILLA
Showroom: POLLERICINQUE VillaConceptStore
Location: Genova
Project type: showroom material solution
Year: 2015
Progettista: Mauro Valsecchi ID
                                        ShopFitting Production: TEK Arredamenti


POLLERICINQUE, large-scale project, differs markedly from the typical showroom, going beyond the mere exposure of brands and collections for the bathroom, embracing the philosophy of total look, of tailoring and contamination between ceramics, marble, stones, resins, enamels and decorative paints, metals and tissues; all enriched by a selection of unusual furnishings, iconic objects and systems costum made.
The exhibition space of 300 square meters, spread over two floors, is divided into an evocative and emotional path through 14 rooms, each with its own mood and equipped of retractable exhibitors with minimum size and sliding two-faced extractable panels mod. Jolly Basic.
The 18 windows facing three views allow you to read from the road every single setting thus canceling any filter between interior and exterior.
There are two workstations for design and consultancy offered by the staff of the exhibition hall: a third workstation is reserved to professionals who like to meet their customers directly in-store, taking advantage of unique tools created for them, wi-fi, paper and digital catalogs.
In the “concept-room” there is a rich “piastrelloteca” mod. Obliqua New, to draw upon the materials to be combined to create endless combinations of colors, finishes and textures.
The visitor will have a cozy sitting area surrounded by a vertical garden in which to relax by listening to music, sipping a coffee, flipping through a magazine.