Excellent aesthetic-functional solution that allows you to better organize numerous samples of tiles, woods, resins, paints or other materials.


System composed of equipped modular boxes, available in several variants that can be combined with each other in several sizes and solutions, depending on the formats to be exhibited.


Each single sample can be easily inserted and extracted thanks to the pantographed plexiglass bases that guide the product.


The samples are arranged diagonally, remaining partially visible and giving a fading chromatic effect that is easily identifiable for customers and operators.


The program includes several combinations as shown in the images:


“OBLIQUA NEW” is a modern display unit of classical inspiration. The standard version is made with modular containers in pre-finished wood, available in several finishes and colors. On request, it can be completed with front sliding doors.


“CUBIC OBLIQUA” is a display unit with an industrial identity, characterized by exposed metal tubular structures.
Basic colors available in white, black, transparent or other on request.


“PROGETTO OBLIQUA” is designed to offer a refined aesthetic impact, customized to the needs of spaces and formats.
Structures in wood or metal, plexiglass and forex.

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