Showroom: Osti
Location: Italy – Firenze
Project type: showroom bathroom furniture and surfaces
Year: 2021
ShopFitting Production: TEK Arredamenti
Progettista: Enzo O. Costi

On 5 September the new “Osti” Showroom was officially inaugurated.
“Osti” is an important company that has been operating in the vital city of Florence for over 50 years.
In its mix of redevelopment and design, the space has been divided into two areas: the first, overlooking the six main showcases, is dedicated to the display of important bathroom environments and all the news concerning the furnishing finishes, flooring sector, walls, maxi slabs and accessories; the second is intended for office and meeting rooms.
The transition phase between emotional and professional environments is featured by the insertion of two “Tunnel” architectural elements, with LED lighting and some crystal wings, which emphasize the development of the interior space and symbolize the high value for human resources.
In this project, all the materials and furnishings on display become well-integrated protagonists.
Display systems used: “Jolly Girevole / 100”, “Jolly Lastre / 120”, “Wall Frame / 120”, “Obliqua New”, “Stark System”, “Linearwall” technical walls and customized furnishings