Born into a meaningful exchange of knowledge between the architect and the ceramic companies, we present the new chest of drawers mod. “Metal Draw/200”, carefully designed to exhibit panels measuring cm. 100×200 with the aim of enhancing the value of the products presented on the flat surface and to capture and to maximize the impact of the lights from the ceiling, enhancing the processing of materials and textures.
It ‘s made entirely of metal and include n. 10 board supporting frames with full-length front that doubles as a handle, while the large work surface and side walls are covered with wood laminate.
Within the frames of the drawers can be placed exhibit panels with glued or simply resting.
You can also enter synoptic panels specifically designed with graphic horizontal increasingly cm. 100×200 combining products, images and technical information.
The finishes are available in standard colors RAL for the metal parts with matching melamine for the wood parts or on request.