Showroom: Lazioterm
Location: Italy – Roma
Project type: showroom bathroom furniture and surfaces
Year: 2021
ShopFitting Production: TEK Arredamenti
Progettista: Enzo O. Costi - Cinzia Berretti

Lazioterm is a young and dynamic company that represents an important entrepreneurial reality in the thermo-sanitary panorama of the Lazio region.
The building has a commercial area with the warehouse and the adjacent showroom, overlooking four main windows.
The design activity focused on the Concept-Planning-Realization process of the environments.
These are dynamic and sensorial urban spaces, where the ad hoc settings are able to condense the typologies for each style and direct the emotionality for the purpose of the sale.
The showroom allows each brand to best express its identity in the world of bathroom furniture and interior finishes, with multi-brand settings designed as unique places in which to trigger suggestions.
The Contract areas, harmonized near the domestic environments, are characterized by personalized and welcoming elements.
Standard display systems chosen from the “Wall frame 120”, “Cubic Table 07”, “Extension”, “Jolly Basic”, “Swing” series and customized furnishings have been carefully integrated into this project.
The display elements, all strictly white and neutral, are wrapped in dark and elegant colors, highlighting and characterizing this important “container” with sober elegance.