Customer: BARCORE
Location: Iseo (BS)
Project type: showroom material solution
Year: 2015
Progettista: Enzo O. Costi 
                                                    ShopFitting Production: TEK Arredamenti


In Iseo, in the important touristic center on the south-east of the lake, was inaugurated the new showroom Barcore, located on the ground floor of a beautiful residential building with large windows overlooking the prestigious Via Roma.
Inside there are accurate collections of ceramics, gres, parquet, natural stone both indoor and outdoor. The structure of 300 sqm. Is developed into 6 main thematic rooms, where the materials become real pieces of art.
Two hundred display panels located partly on the wall and partly on sliding systems, plus the variety of bulk materials made accessible through equipped modular elements, live in relationship with each other, where the project and the elements create spaces closer to the individual sensibility.


Display systems used: Stark, Obliqua New, Aida, Extension, Linearwwod, Tmax and customized creations.


BARCORE showroom