The ideal solution to respond to necessity of space and optimal presentation of vertical panels in a showroom.
Equipped with specially designed mechanics, the display mod. Jolly Girevole allows with simple gestures to extract the panels and make them rotate until they perform at their best angle.
His characteristics allow freedom of design for more configurations: between two box environments with an integrated effect or modulated in groups in order to obtain a high display capacity of panels.

Available in more variations 100×200 or 120×240:

N.3  two-faced (6 panels cm. 100×200 h – 40.5x135x232 h.)
                NEWS  (6 panels cm. 120×240 h – 40.5x155x272 h.)

N.6  two-faced (12 panels cm. 100×200 h – 70x135x232 h.)
                NEWS  (12 panels cm. 120×240 h – 70x155x272 h.)

N.10 two-faced (20 panels cm. 100×200 h – 110x135x232 h.)
                 NEWS  (20 panels cm. 120×240 h – 110x155x272 h.)

The finishes are available in the RAL series colors for the metal parts with possible combination in laminate for wood paneling:

white, black or grey.