Showroom: LAB 4 Surface
Location: Milano
Project type: showroom material solution
Year: 2019
Project and Forniture supplier: TEK Arredamenti

This Atelier-Showroom in the heart of Milan recently inaugurated offers to professionals and clients a new way to discover the fundamental materials of interior and architecture.

A layout with a contemporary and refined design, able to exploit the potential of a planned sartorial design, which encourages comparison and facilitates the choice of highly selected materials and furnishings.

The healthy understanding that was created between the designer and the applicant during the background, analysis and planning phases, up to the execution and installation, resulted in a showroom guarantee of:
subdivision into clear organized commodity areas, high turnover and usability of the products presented, optimal and coordinated integration of display systems in compliance with global aesthetics.


Display systems used: Obliqua New, Magicdraw, Jolly Girevole, Jolly Porte, Cubic, creations and custom furnishings.


LAB 4 Surface – showroom