12/10/15 - BENUZZI showroom

Customer: BENUZZI
Location: Lippo di Calderaia di Reno (Bologna)
Project type: showroom material solution
Year: 2015
Progettista: Enzo O. Costi 
                                                     ShopFitting Production: TEK Arredamenti

In Bologna, November 28 inaugurated the new showroom Benuzzi successfully.
A set of strong conviviality, sensitivity and research that through its tales of history and modernity have made possible the realization of a showroom-edge, designed to meet diverse applications of bulk materials and panels, preserving refinement of the whole to direct the emotionality to the purpose of sale.
Display systems used: Jolly Basic, Obliqua New, Stark, Rolltable and customized creations.

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BENUZZI showroom